1000 ncert polity one liner_part-1

1000 ncert polity one liner_part-1
1000 ncert polity one liner_part-1

As you all know how much polity plays important in any competitive exams.So I am putting more then 1000 one liners on polity from ncert to high-level so let's start now:

  • A federal structure for India was first put by the government of India Act 1935
  • The government of India Act was articulated 3 major goals: establishing a loose federal structure, achieving provincial autonomy, and safeguarding minority interests through separate electorates.
  • Our Constitution borrowed the law making procedures, rule of law, system of single citizenship, besides of course, the model of parliamentary government by British government.
  • Our Constitution borrowed the details on the independence of judiciary, judicial review, fundamental rights and removal of supreme court and high court judges from US Constitution.
  • India's Constitution borrowed the source of the directive Principles, method of presidential elections, and the nomination of members of Tanya Sabha by the president was borrowed by Irish Constitution.
  • The cabinet Mission Plan, 1946 Indian Polity and Constitution was the basis for constituting the Constituent Assembly of India.
  • The Indian Constitution borrowed quasi federal form of government and idea of residual powers by the Canadian Constitution.
  • The drafting committee was established on 29 August 1947.
  • Dr B.R. Ambedkar was the first chairman of Drafting Committee.
  • Sir Bengal Narsing Rai (B.N.Rao) was the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly of India.
  • The direct democracy was Introduced by Switzerland.
  • The slogan "Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava" was coined by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • The UK and Northern Ireland have unwritten Constitution.

Hope this polity one liner from ncert is beneficial to you.keep watching chotanews.in for more one liner.