Six Salesmen of Kerala become Crorepati

Six Salesmen of Kerala become Crorepati

The Kerala Lottery Department held its latest bumper lottery, Thiruvonam Bumper, on Thursday. This was the largest prize money won in the history of Kerala Lotteries. The Thiruvonam bumper was awarded in the first prize of Rs 12 crore and the prize went to ticket number TM160869.

At the same time, Rajeevan, Ramjim, Roni, Vivek, Subin and Ratheesh were working on their day job as a sales man at Chungat Jewelery in Karunagapally area of ​​Kollam district.

As the bumper draw news spread, the group recalled buying a ticket from local agents last night. Out of curiosity, he decided to check whether any of the lottery winners had won the prize.

Then they were surprised, for their ticket was rewarded with Rs12 crore. It took them hours to realize the fact that the ticket they bought together last night won the first prize.

We bought this ticket together for six of us, sharing the cost of it equally. So initially only 3 of us were interested in picking up this ticket, and we decided to take the ticket anyway by Wednesday evening as it was a Thursday draw. So we asked 3 more colleagues to join us. Romy bought a ticket on Wednesday night. I kept the ticket with me and when the others said we won the first prize, I couldn't believe it, then we all got together and saw the results. We deposited the ticket at the nearest SBI bank and Subin said he still cannot believe that he is a millionaire.

We share the prize money equally among us. After deducting the prize, each of us can get Rs. 1 crore. Many of us have enough liabilities / debts to cover it. We use a portion of this amount for charity purposes, said another person in the group.

7.5 crore after tax and other deductions for first prize winners may get. Sreemuruga Lottery Agency and Sub Agent Siddique, who sold the ticket they also got 1crore mega bumper prize. 50 lakhs for ten tickets. And twenty tickets are being offered for Rs 10 lakh.

The lottery is the most profitable source of income for the state government of Kerala. Apart from tickets with daily and weekly draws, the department also offers bumper lotteries during Onam, Christmas and Monsoon.