Health benefits of Bittergourd

Health benefits of Bittergourd

As bittergourd contain so much vitamins and minerals it will be very useful to reduce weight and cure diabetes. Bittergourd mainly contains vitamin A, B1, B2 , C, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium,zinc which will to maintain body system properly.

So let's see bittergourd benefits to loose weight and cure diabetes:

  1. Bittergourd is used for type 2 diabetic. Bittergourd also called plant insulin which will reduce blood sugar level.
  2. Bittergourd contains plenty of vitamin and minerals which will stop further complication of diabetes. For better results drink bittergourd juice with empty stomach.
  3. Bittergourd is rich in fibre so it will reduce stomach related problems.
  4. Bittergourd juice will pure blood and it will reduce the problems occured by impure blood like blood boiled, cavies, ring warms, soriasis, itching and fungal decease.
  5. Bittargourd contains very less calories like out of 100 only 17 % so who are trying to loose weight they can try this bittergourd juice.
  6. In bittergourd juice which contains antioxidant will help to clean our body and will increase metabolism and increase digestive system which will help to reduce weight. For bittergourd juice click link here.

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