Episode Bigg Boss-7 Day 2 -151019: contestant secret opens..!!

Episode Bigg Boss-7 Day 2 -151019: contestant secret opens..!!
source By: Colors Kannada

As bigg boss 7 is airing in colors kannada daily from 9 to 10:30 Pm. One day has completed in BiggBoss home and Captian elected has done. Mani serial Known actress Bhumika has become first captain of BiggBoss Season 7 and the famous comedian, Maja talkies Actor Kuri Pratap has nominated Directly and Famous Dancer Kishan has got immunity for first week. What will be on Second day of first week?

As while entering In to Bigg Boss home Mr.Sudeep has given one envelope to each contestent ,and he asked not to open untill bigg boss orders.So today's episode i.e on day 2 each contestant has to open their envilope and what secret has mentioned in the envelope they have to say whose secret among contestant in bigg home. 

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Source By: colors kannada